30 Days of the New Moon of Virgo

As a recently new student of Kabbalah, I’m discovering many new tools and traditions that this belief system has to offer. Some of the tools and traditions I find can be particularly useful for me and I have been trying to implement them. I came across information on the 30 days of Virgo in a recent Kabbalah newsletter from The Kabbalah Centre, and I was nonetheless intrigued. I decided that I wanted to take part in it and at least try to work the system into my thoughts during these 30 days. I thought I would share some of the information behind it- the write-up from the Kabbalah Centre can be accessed here.

What Kabbalah’s description of the 30 days of Virgo basically says is that during the last month of the closing year, a person’s consciousness during that time will determine a person’s vessel for receiving energy in the coming year. Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the new year according to Kabbalah, and it will begin next month in September.

The 30 days prior to the new year began this week on August 6th, and it goes through September 4th. Each day of these 30 days has a specific thought provoking exercise to do each day. Additionally, Kabbalah says that we should spend these 30 days paying attention to details, getting in touch with our God-like nature, and noticing the effect our behavior has on others.

Tuesday’s exercise stated: “We are often our worst enemies and harshest critics. Self-doubt and self-hatred are your biggest obstacles in life. See only the good within yourself today. When you focus on what’s wrong, you’ll notice how much more difficult it becomes to love yourself.”

This exercise was very thought-provoking for me as I know that I am often very hard on myself. I would say that this is one of my “tikkun” (items I need to correct) in this lifetime. For others, this might not be their tikkun and they already have a good handle on not being hard on themselves.

Wednesday’s exercise stated: “Pick one person today whom you love dearly and find a way to do something special for them, something that lets them know how much you love them. When you share Light with another, you increase the Light in the world.”

This exercise is really something we should do everyday.

Thursday’s (today) exercise stated: “What do you want to manifest this year? A new job? A good friend? Focus on one thing and imagine it’s already yours. How does it feel? Recall these good feelings throughout the day. The energy you send out by doing this will attract the right people and situations into your life.”

This exercise reminded me a great deal of what The Law of Attraction advises- that if you want something, you should imagine you already have it and that will help manifest it in your life. If you believe you can have something, you will have it.

For me, picking just one thing is difficult! It is something to ponder. I will be back in a few days with some more exercises for the month of Virgo! Here’s to getting into the right consciousness for the new year!

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